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If you've been looking all over the Internet for a place to get access to great CDG Sex Games, there's a good chance that you're going to love what we have available for you. Since the inception of our community, we've worked around the clock to bring the horniest gamers out there access to the hottest projects known to man and really want to prove ourselves as the authority in this space. We've laid down the law of the land and are now ready to observe if anyone wants to come along in an attempt to match what we have to offer – so far, it looks like CDG Sex Games is out here all alone at the top of the food chain. We'll constantly insist of making sure that you get to see the best of the best and well, let's just say that if you feel like playing some legendary titles before most other gamers out there get a chance, we're the go-to spot. The team at CDG Sex Games has a proven track record in the space and we cannot overstate just how thrilled we are to be able to present to you this incredible collection of games that are custom made for your sexual gratification. Interested in learning more? Then read below: I'll give you the full details of what CDG Sex Games has to offer!

Incredible XXX graphics

Perhaps the most defining feature here that really sells the overall package to gamers with an erection is the fact that our graphics are truly world-class. Just have a quick look at the average quality of our games – do you see the levels we've gone to in order to make these titles as incredible as possible? We've invested in a strategy that puts the visual aesthetic of our titles above everything else and thus far, it really has paid dividends. We appreciate the work of our developers and compensate them accordingly – it's thanks to you guys that we're able to pay them so well and get such great returns! They work exceptionally hard and show time and time again that next generation graphics are here right now in the porn space. We'd be skeptical of anyone in the mainstream space having titles that look as good as ours – let alone localized to the world of porn gaming! Suffice to say that if you're tired of average looking releases that don't do too well on the eyes, it's a definite advantage that CDG Sex Games has over everywhere else for you to create your account here and see what the future of CDG Sex Games has to offer. We'll always show that our strategy of quality is the best one to adopt!

Regular update schedule

There's an incredible demand out there for games, and while our library is big enough for thousands of hours of fun, it still is the case that people come back here time and time again to get themselves a fresh dose of the good life. Nothing is particularly off-limits when it comes to production, except that when we publish a game, it has to be high quality and finished – nothing short of that will be accepted! We currently have a stockpile of 55 titles, but release a new one roughly once a month. Please note that our schedules entirely depend on when we think a game is actually suitable to be put out there. If we don't believe a game is done and ready for the masses, it will continue to be developed. The fact of the matter is that releasing a game too early is far worse than too late! We also look to freshen up previous titles as and when available: it's a preference of ours that CDG Sex Games becomes a spot that doesn't let any game rot, especially since more often than not, it's easier to go back and add a lick of paint to our games than build new ones from scratch! The team also has polls inside that will let you decide what gets a freshener, so be sure to vote and let us know what you think!

Complete exclusivity

One of the most important elements of the experience at CDG Sex Games is the simple fact that we keep our games as exclusive as we can. What do I mean by this, exactly? Well – there are plenty of platforms out there that want to purchase the rights to our games and then share them to their audience: but that doesn't fly here. What this essentially means is that if you want to enjoy the database we have, you're going to need to create an account here. We're very secretive of our processes and well, let's just say that our source code is of a lot of value to everyone out there! We don't want to give them a chance to see just how complex everything is behind the scenes, so yeah: you'll want to join us if you want to enjoy the games we offer. It also means that we're able to push out hotfixes and general patches a hell of a lot quicker than most other spaces. After all, these games are designed and published purely in-house – we have a lot of control over it all!

A wrap on CDG Sex Games

I could sit here and write another 5,000 words on what makes CDG Sex Games so damn great, but I think I've covered the major parts that need to be discussed and it's probably a decent idea for me to take a break there so that you can process what's been said and, hopefully, create an account for yourself so you can see what's going on. We've seen the releases of the other spots out there and yeah – they just don't know what they're doing. As a result of this fact, we look forward to giving you the opportunity to see the brilliance of CDG Sex Games and we'd really urge you to take it. Thanks so much for coming along today – fingers crossed you see and enjoy CDG Sex Games just as we do! Take care and happy jerking, friend.

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